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Skwirk offers Math, English, Science, History & Geography learning resources all in one online location.

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Skwirk makes learning easy and fun by combining text with online videos, animations, games and assessments. Catering to different learning styles, the content covers from Foundation to Year 10 with new content added regularly. Skwirk is a great way for your child to prepare for school, provide an extra level of learning or help them catch up with their classmates if they are struggling with in a particular subject or topic.

Why Skwirk?

Over 18,000 learning resources, with points available upon completion.
Makes learning fun - kids get to learn at their own pace.
National Curriculum Aligned
All subjects in one place - saving your money from multiple subscriptions and resources
Weekly Reports, so you can measure your child’s progress.
Suitable for students from Foundation to Year 10.

‘I’d recommend Skwirk to anyone who has school aged children whether their child is having trouble with learning or not. It is a great way for children to learn at their own pace and support their own learning at school.’

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